How To Look Good Without Makeup

  1. Tinted moisturizer with SPF: Solid tinted moisturizer with SPF instead of foundation. Not only will you be protecting your skin but you will add that touch of tint while also hydrating your skin. it’s a win-win
  2. A Cup of Hot Vitamin C: Drink a cup of hot water and fresh lemon. It can cut down on your body’s amount of free radicals, causing your skin to stay healthy and work towards looking its very best.
  3. Alcohol-free Toner: A good solid alcohol-free toner after washing results in a nice even skin tone and further remove the need to cake on the makeup in the morning.
  4. Exfoilate twice a week: Use either an exfoilating product or make your own by mixing equal parts of granulated sugar and coconut oil, or equal parts of Baking soda and water. Simply mix and gently massafe into your skin for a minute before rinsing off with cool water and patting dry.
  5. Hands off:Stop touching your face needlessly throughout the day. Stop picking at pimples, blemishes or blotches. And stop tugging or pulling at your face.

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