Life Hacks

Rub canola/olive oil on your knives before cutting onions to preventyour eyes from tearing

After an interview, if asked “do you have any questions?” Always ask, “yes, is there anything about my application that concerns you?”

In class if you ask a question and your classmates laugh at you because of the question you asked, laugh back to tell and show them how stupid they are for laughing because they too might not even know the answer to the question.

Flattened pillow? Put in the sun for 30 minutes. The sun will absorb moisture and plump up your pillow.

Sugar can cure burnt tongue.

Gently rub the inside of banana peel around your teeth for 2 minutes, the minerals will absorb into your teeth and whiten them.

For runny nose, push your tongue against the top of your mouth and push a finger between eyebrows. Hold for about 20 seconds.

For acne scar remedy: mix a teaspoon of nutmeg and tablespoon of honey into a paste and apply for 30 minutes. Rinse and repeat daily.

If you ever suspect someone is following your car, take four right turns. It forms a circle and if they are still behind you, then they’re following you.


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