BY: David Rubadiri Such a time of it they had; The heat of the day The chill of the night And the mosquitoes that followed. Such was the time and They bound for a kingdom The thin weary line of carries With tattered dirty rags to cover their backs; The battered bulky chests That kept… Continue reading STANLEY MEETS MUTESA


What Life Entails

Written by: Natasha Etoty In moments of sorrow In times of bliss In moments of fear In times of Hope In moments of anguish In times of inner peace In moments of need In times of inner turmoil Live everyday with hope Which will in turn, usher in happiness.



Written by Lola I can't bear it I am falling down My mouth has my feet And I'm a complete clown I can't be so sweet Like everyone else And if I'd quit I'd be bad company But I am cold And I just can't trust Truth be told Everyone to me is dust.